Question on Increase

I recently knitted a hat that had 8 increases in a row that were M1. It said to lift the middle bar between 2 stitches onto the left needle and knit in the back of the stitch.

I have a hole every place that I increased using that method. What did I do wrong? :thinking:

Didn’t notice it until I was to far to go back - - will consider this one a prototype and make changes next time I use that pattern!

My bet would be that you missed the back of the stitch. When you do a m1 and have to knit into the back, it’s very awkward. It’s a tight little loop that you have to really finagle your needle to get into.

What I do is to slip my needle into the front, as if I’m going to purl, and then, keeping my needle in the stitch, kind of lift my right needle over the left while both needles are in the loop. Then it ends up in the right spot.

Yep. If you don’t knit into the back which twists the stitch, you’re actually creating a yarn over, which makes a hole.