Question on I-Cord

I am working on a handbag which is going to be felted. For the
handles, my pattern calls for me to knit 4 separate I-cords (each
formed by picking of stitches that I slipped onto holders - two on the
front side of the bag, two on the back) and then attach the two on the
front side together, and the two on the back side together. Is there a
specific procedure used to “weave” the two I-cords together? Also, I’m
wondering if I couldn’t just knit one I-cord all the way to the slipped
stitches where I’d want it to attach and somehow pick them up -
completely avoiding any need to weave I-cords together… Does anyone
have any thought on this?


If I understand you, it sounds like you should be able to do a three needle cast off (with slight modifications) to get what you need.