Question on how to seam

Hi all. I’ve been working on a sweater all summer and so far it’s coming along great. I’ve got the body of the sweater all together, and the sleeves are finally ready to be attached to the rest of the sweater. I have a question about seaming the sleeves to the body.

Along the shoulder seam, you are working with 2 rows that are bind off rows. Lucky for me they matched pretty well and the seams look good, though I did have to try a couple of times to get it to look right. With the sleeves, I am working with the bind off edge of the sleeve, and the regular knit of the arm hole Is there a way to get this to look really nice?

Part of my problem I think is that the sleeve is just slightly larger than the opening so I will have to gather the sleeve, which of course will be done on the underside of the sleeve, but I’m just wondering if there’s any tips out there for this sort of thing.

Also what would I do if the situation were reversed? What if the armholes were bigger than the sleeve was round?

Yes, there is a way to make this look good. There may be a video about sewing arms to bodies :lol: here on this site that you could look at, but here is another good site that has still pictures and instructions.

Sewing knitting is pretty forgiving and easing a sleeve in is not that hard. If either side is longer, just keep that in mind as you work along the whole join and skip a stitch every now and then (as evenly spaced as possible without overly worrying) on the long side. Just don’t make the mistake of doing the whole seam evenly and then trying to squeeze in (or out) all the excess over the last couple of inches.

I don’t do many adult sweaters myself, (but have done a lot of sweaters) and don’t know how well this works, but I went to a finishing class this spring and the teacher (who was very good) said she liked to sew the sleeve seam and then sew it onto the sweater. Just gives you something else to consider.

I make lots of adult cardis…just redid the sleeves on the one I’m wearing for the third time yest. (Didn’t like the width of the sleeve at the lower edge so kept redoing them. :frowning: Happy with them now. )

Personally, I prefer to attach the sleeve when the side seam is open as I like working flat. (As seamstress for many decades I appreciate setting in sleeve when side is already closed but not my choice with knitting.) The current cardi was done in the round so no side seam. I try to mark the sleeve and armhole with knitting pins to ensure alignment…top, bottom, midpoint of each side, etc. Then establish a rhythm of one st in sleeve cap for one, or two…alternating back and forth…sts on armhole. Easy enough to undo as I go, just adjust my count, if I’m not happy with how the sleeve is attaching.

I don’t recall ever having sleeve that didn’t match the armhole very closely in size, when seaming, so haven’t had to deal with great disparity. The few times I made sleeves that were definitely NOT the right size I frogged and redid them.


Thanks for the advice. I may check out the web site.

The body of the sweater is already sewn up as I needed to try it on to make sure I got the sleeves the right length. The sleeves were knitted in the round, so they are already to go, no additional seaming.

I will try to pin and space everything as evenly as I can, and may try to start at the top of the shoulder as I have a single cable running down the outside of the sleeve, and I want it to look really nice. And as I work my way around to the underside gather as I go.

Thanks again. Will post pics when I finish.

Hi Denali
I think in this instance it would be better to sew your sleeve seems first then pin them to the body easing them in as you go along…I have done this myself several times and it has worked out fine.