Question on how to do the bobble increase

I am making a childs hat that says to complete bobble increase. It is p1, yo, p1, yo, p1 all into same stitch. I cannot seem to make it work. could I have some help or have someone show me a diagram on how to do this stitch? Thanks so much

I don’t know of one, but basically you purl into the stitch, leave it on the L needle, wrap the yarn around for the yo, purl into it again, wrap the yarn, and purl one more time. The yo is made just like the purl st except the R needle isn’t inserted into the stitch on the L needle. It’s an ‘air stitch’.

Here’s a video for a bobble that’s made with k1 yo k1 yo etc. The bobble with purls is similar in that you are working into the single st but in your case the yarn will be in front and you’ll do the yo by going back between the needles, over the right needle and around to the front again. Do it fairly loosely so that the yo doesn’t tighten up.

What some knitters do is slip this stitch onto a smaller size double point needle before you do the increases. This gives you a little more wiggle room.