Question on Gauge

Mornin’ all: The sweater pattern I’m working with calls for a size 7 needle for ribbing and size 10 for the body (stockinette stitch) using worsted weight yarn. I tend to knit very tight so I needed to up the size to a 13 in order to make gauge on the body. Would I also need to up the size needle in the ribbing as well? There’s a 3 size difference in needles between the ribbing and the body. If I need to use a size 13 to make gauge, should I increase the needle to a 10 for the ribbing?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, you probably should. If you knit tight, then doing the ribbing on a 7 would make it very stiff and not as stretchy as it should be.

Thanks so much, Sue. That is exactly what I thought. God bless websites like this. There is no yarn shop near me to ask these questions. Glad I checked into this site.