Question on finishing a hat

Hi there! I am knitting my first hat and am almost done:woohoo:
I have 8 stitches left on the needles and the pattern says to cut yarn and sew together stitches or something like that. I’m not clear at all about how I do this! Any suggestions? I’m sure it is so easy, I just don’t want to screw up the hat b/c it is great up to this point! TIA

Does it say what the best method is? Would the kitchener stitch work?

For a basic hat, cut the yarn leaving a tail of several inches. Thread this tail through the last 8 sts and pull them all together, then tuck end through center and weave in.

You didn’t bind the sts off so they’d unravel if you didn’t pull the yarn through to finish them. Some patterns suggest pulling the yarn through a 2nd time, you can but I usually don’t find it necessary.

I finish my hats differently depending on if I’m adding a topper to the hat or not. If I’m adding a topper, then I do thread my yarn through the remaining stitches, etc…

If I’m not putting a topper on my hat, I finish it off in Kitchner stitch. It gives the top of a hat a nice finished look.