Question on ending my project!

I am trying to finish my comfort doll and am a little confused with the directions…it says…

“*Row 11: (K.1, K2 together) 9 times
*Draw yarn through remaining Sts and pull up.”

Does this mean to cast off the first 9 sts then draw the yarn through the rest and pull on it?

Thanks so much!:happydance:

No, what your doing is decreasing the amount of sts by 9, then instead of binding off you would cut the yarn and draw the tail through all the remaining sts. Basically closing a circle.

So you start with 27 sts, end up with 18 sts, pull yarn tail through the 18 sts and tighten to close.

No, it means to K1, K2tog, repeatedly until you have done it 9 times. Don’t bind any off at all on this kind of ending. After you do all the decreases cut the yarn leaving a generous tail and thread it through a blunt, big eyed needle. Using the needle run the yarn through the stitches on the needle. When you have the yarn through all the stitches, pull on the yarn and close the opening (the knitting needle is no longer holding the stitch loops when you do this) If this is knit in the round doing this will close the object. If it is knit flat you probably then have to seam something there.