Question on Double pointed needles

OK -

I know this is a really dumb question. I have been knitted for years but I never used double pointed needles before. I made my first hat over the weekend but when I got tho the point when I switched from the 16" circular needle I was using to the DPN’s I could not figure out how to keep the stitch marker in place so I knew when I was starting a new row.

Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance


When I’m using DPNs, I usually put the marker between the last and second to last stitch of the round. That keeps it from falling off the end of the DPN, and is also my heads up that the round is about to end.

well i usually just follow the tail up the work and figure where ever i land is close enough :oops:

BUT if i am trying to be precise I will add the SM one stitch in from the end of the needle so it doesn’t fall off.

Honestly by the time I get down to that few stitches though, I can usually tell just by feeling where the end of the round is.

mee too!!! :rofl:

I also do this, but you could also use a rough yarn as a stitch marker so that it’s less likely to slip off.

I also count my needles like Needle 1, Needle 2, Needle 3, etc. Once I get to Needlle 1, I know it’s the first row and the first stitch.

I put a coilless safety pin in the first stitch.

My first stitch is at the start of a DPN. That particular join between needles (as opposed to the other two or three) is distinguished at first by the tail, then later on (if I feel like it) a safety pin in the fabric (not stitch).


[color=indigo]I rotate my sts around the circle so my stitch markers always end up somewhere in the middle of one of the needles.[/color]