Question on Debbie Bliss pattern

I’ve just started my first sweater…little scary. I’ve made tons of hats, scarfs and even ponchos but needed to branch out. I chose Debbie Bliss’ “Simple Wrapover” from the Alpaca Silk Two book.

I started on the left front. It was going ok for awhile then I got stuck.

Cast on 68 st. K 1 row. Next row: K to end. Next row: K1, p to end. Rep the last 2 rows once more. Dec row: K7, skpo, k to last 5 sts, k2tog, k3. Next row: K1, p to end. Next row: K to end. Next row: K1, p to end. Rep the last 4 rows 4 times more and the dec row again. 56 sts. Then this is where I got stuck…
“Keeping the side edge straight, cont to dec at front edge on every foll 4th row, work 11 rows.”

I went to the knitting shop and the girl couldn’t figure it out either. I couldn’t find help on Debbie Bliss’ website. Does anyone know what they mean here? I’m assuming work 11 rows means knit but is it talking about the rows between every foll 4th row or 11 straight knit rows? I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you!

Previously, you were decreasing on both the front edge and the seam/armhole edge. Now just decrease on the front edge only. Then do 11 more rows with a dec on every 4th row after the last dec on the front edge.

Thanks sue. I wish it told me how many stitches I would have. It’s kinda confusing because I’m decreasing every 4 rows but doing 11 rows? Why not 12? If I do 11 I will only decrease twice, right?

Yes, you dec twice during that 11 rows. And why 11 rows is because they want you to end on a particular row and do something differently on the 12th row.

Thanks so much! Will I ever get smart enough to figure patterns out?? You’re a life-saver!