question on converting a flat pattern to a pattern for knitting in the round


I am a little confused and want to know what information is wrong and what is right.

I looked up on the internet that when knitting in the round, you have to convert the wrong side rows and change the knits to purls and purls to knits.
I understand this principle when knitting a hat eg in stockinette so instead of one row knits and the other one purls, it becomes all knits because we convert all the wrong sides.
This information seems to be commonly shared on the internet.
So for my own ribbed hat, I converted my pattern, but now it seems that I actually didn’t need to convert anything because when I read the chart from right to left (on the flat pattern) it also gives me the correct pattern for knitting in the round??

I found this post on YouTube by a woman saying the following on converting flat patterns to a pattern for knitting in the round:

“Usually I don’t correct people publicly, but in this case I feel I have to because this is supposed to be an educational video to teach people and it’s flat out wrong. I understand what you were trying to do but this is NOT how it works! You don’t change the symbols when converting a pattern from flat to knitting in the round. The chart is always a representation of how the fabric looks from the right side, regardless of how it’s knit. This means, in flat knitting you follow row one from right to left and row two from left to right, and in doing so, you would have to reverse the way you knit the stitches, meaning that if you want a stitch to look like a knit stitch on the front, you have to knit it purlwise on the wrong side and so on. In knitting in the round, this is no longer required. Rather, you follow the pattern right to left for each round and knit/purl/cable exactly as the chart shows”

Is this quote correct?
When a pattern is available, that you don’t need to change anything to the pattern if you want to make it a pattern for knitting in the round and just read it from right to left or is she wrong and do we have to convert the stitches anyway?

Thank you!

For a written pattern it’s true that the general rule is to change knits to purls and vice versa when converting a flat pattern to in the round.

For a chart, you read all the chart rows right to left. The only change in your thinking is that you consider all chart rows as right side (RS) rows. Most charts have a key that identifies a block (usually an open square) as “K on the RS, P on the WS”. Since you don’t have any WS rows when knitting in the round, just follow the chart as is.
So both sources of information are correct.

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thank you very much for your clear answer!

So does that meant that because I visualized my written pattern into kind of a chart that I made myself, that I did not need to convert it anymore?

In this video she is converting a chart anyway. Following what you said above, there is no need to do this but she is doing it anyway…?
Is she correct doing this?

I don’t understand why she is changing the chart when she converts to in the round. As she says in the beginning, the chart gives you a visual of the pattern. To me, that means the chart doesn’t change, you have either Vs or purl bumps flat or in the round. (I’ve only looked at the first example so far.)

In order to maintain that visual you have to change the definitions of K and P in flat knitting
(e.g. | = k on the RS, p on the WS; - = p on the RS, k on the WS). You don’t need to re-write the chart for in the round and you don’t need the definition change either, just ignore the WS definition because there is no WS. Follow the RS key.

You can knit a swatch both ways or you can convert the chart to Vs and n bumps to see what I mean.

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