Question on colour changing

Hi all,

I’m doing a pattern that calls for 2 rounds of switching colours every stitch.

This is a Lopi Lett pattern for children and it reads: Change to 5 mm circ needle and work 2 rnds * K1 using M, K1 using A, rep from *.

The pattern doesn’t tell me what method to use for changing colours every stitch!! Which method should I use?

Thank you,

I would think you could use whatever method you prefer. I usually do, anyway. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kathy …

I’m a newbie so please forgive my silly questions … does your answer mean that whatever method I use will result in the same output?


If your alternating colors around like that, it’s stranded knitting. Keep your yarns parallel on the back–don’t cross or twist them, so one is always on the top and one is always on the bottom and just take turns knitting with each. The one not in use will strand across the back of the one you’ve just knit.