Question on circular needles

when it says 16" circular needles is this the total length or just the length of the cord?

Circular needles are measured from needle tip to needle tip.

well, to make the circulars I have, which are bamboo and plastic tubing, 16" I will have no way to knit with them, so changing the pattern from an in the round to a flat knit.

Why would you have no way to knit a with them?

Are these interchangeable needles with very long needles? You could go to a much longer cable and use magic loop or two circulars.

If you mean your needles are longer than 16", there’s a couple ways to ‘shorten’ them without cutting them. Use Magic loop, shown on the Advanced Techniques page, or single loop. You pull out the cord between stitches to make a loop and the stitches fit around the needle then.

No, the needles themselves are bamboo, with plastic tubing that can be cut to any length, the problem is the needles are themselves 6 inches long, so with 16 inches, that leaves a four inch long tubing length, which is not enough to get the needles together to actually knit with them, so I just converted the pattern to flat knitting and used my regular aluminum needles.

When you feel like trying something new, try magic loop or one of the other techniques for small diameter circular knitting. They really are a lot of fun and sure beat having to convert patterns to the flat and then seam!

Are you making your own circs? I remember that someone was but don’t recall who. Maybe you?

not entirely, I buy the needle parts from ebay, then use the correct length of plastic tubing, so in a way yes, and in a way no, lol

Is there a way you can cut the needles down so they’re about 4-4½" long? But even so, just use the magic or single loop with a longer cord.

no, I am afraid to cut the needles, cause then if I screw them up I have to wait forever for a replacement, and will have to buy an entire set again. I will check out the magic loop thing, I do the magic loop in crochet, so I might already know what that is, but I will check it out to see.

Magic ring or loop or circle in crochet isn’t anything like magic loop in knitting. In knitting it a way to use a long cabled circular needle to do smaller diameter knitting in the round.

ok watched the video, nope that won’t help in this situation, since it is an intarsia pattern (ear flap hat with peace signs) that I converted to a textured (intarsia is purled on the RS, knit on the WS), and 75 stitches long. It wasn’t that hard to knit it flat, and my seams don’t show unless I want them to, and I am half way through the hat now, anyway. But, thank you all for all your help and comments!

Intarsia in the round is a bit tricky anyway. Sounds like a cute hat. Post a phote when you finish if you’d like. We’d love to see it.