Question on Circular needles

I haven’t knit on circulars in a while, but I’m gearing up for Christmas present knitting and I’m thinking of making flower-shaped washcloths for some of the ladies and wrapping them around nice soaps, etc… You know, real girlie gifts?!

Anyway, here is a link to the pattern:

My question is - what size cable should I use? There is a total of 90 stitches once you join the petals. AND, do I have to use 2 circulars? I’ve never done that before. It doesn’t say in her pattern and I’m not familiar enough with work on circulars to know what the right size is. I have to buy one anyway because the smallest size circ I have is a US10.5 16".

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

I think you would be happy with using KP options with maybe a 32’ cable. That way you can start building a collection of options or harmony needles. Magic loop is the way to go on your project.:star:

I would say that the 24" circular needle is more than big enough. Some would say 16" in big enough. It does say two circular needles or use double points. I use two circulars to make both of a pair of socks at the same time and I think whether you use circulars or dp is really what you most feel comfortable with using. Magic loop or what you use is really a matter of choice. Do what you feel comfortable doing and like to do. I like the pattern and I think they will make really nice gifts!

I haven’t tried Magic Loop knitting. It looks really complicated and time consuming (although I’m sure once you get the hang of it it’s not that way). I’m thinking that once I get fewer stitches on the cable that I’ll have to transfer to dpns to finish it off. I could go further on the circ if I could get 90 stitches onto a 16" cable - or would that be too small a cable for that many stitches?

I’m thinking of getting the KP options, but I don’t do enough work on circular needles at this point to give myself the go-ahead to buy them. Penny pinching doesn’t become me, but I’m working on it!:wink:

Don’t think of circular needles as only being usable when you want to knit a tube or something like that. I use them for flat, back and froth row kniting all the time - in fact, I rarely use straight needles any more.

Well, I’m going to get a pair of US7 dpns and the Options US7 circ points and the 24" cable (as that’s the smallest cable I can get in any event unless I go fixed for a 16"). I know I can knit flat using circs and I can see that it will be handy for these washcloths. I’ll do my best - how bad can it be?

Thanks for all the input.

congratulations, you’re on the right track. When you think about it, magic loop is easier than dp.s since you only have to adjust your needles across two spots instead of 3 or 4.:star: