Question on casting off

I know how to cast off but not sure if I am doing the very last stitch correctly. I have watched the videos on casting off but they only show about the first 5 or 6 stitches and they don’t show what you are to do with the last stitch that is left on your needle. I have been just cutting my yarn, and then slipping it through that last stitch and pulling it into a knot, but that leaves me with an unsightly bump. Am I doing it wrong?
P.S. I hope I’m making sense - I’m not too well with describing stuff in writting.

I’ve been doing it that way, i know the bump that you are talking about. Haha, I’ve just been dealing with it. And since most of the stuff I make is toys I just end up hiding the cast on/off ends anyway. Hopefully somebody else on here with more knowledge can help you better. But I always thought that was the normal way to do it!

You are doing it right. But that last stitch is often a bit ugly.
There’s a nice trick that I use on that last stitch.

  • Bind-off until you have one stitch on each needle.
  • Pass stitch from right-hand needle back onto left-hand needle
  • Pass last stitch over second-to-last stitch and off of left-hand needle (like a reverse bind-off, but don’t knit the last stitch before you pass it over)
  • Cut yarn, leaving enough of a tail to easily weave in (I like 6-9 inches)
  • Pull yarn through last stitch to finish!

Hope this helps,

Kris is right, you are doing it right or the normal way. for a lot of things it doesnt matter to much, but doing it the way Kris mentioned can eliminate it. the other method is to pick up a stitch from the row below and use that to bind off it sort of tucks it down.

Re: the last st. You have a couple other options. When you have 3 sts left, you can work the last two, on the left ndl, as one. Helps to snug up the last BO. Or you can lift the right leg of the st BELOW the last one and work it tog with the last st to reduce the sz of the last BO.