Question on "Buttony cardigan"

Can someone help me on row 9…it said
[B]Row 9: Slip 1, (K to within 1 st of marker, M1, K2, M1) to end [/B]

I know that the border 6 stitches on both size there is no increase …normally raglan increase you did them between the markers which is m1, slip marker, m1 but this one said m1, k2, m1 ??? where is that k2 come from ???

please enlighten me on this one…thank you !

Some patterns will have 1, 2, or 3 sts between the inc sts on raglan shaping. This person chose to do 2; it’s just a preference that makes a little different look.

does row 9 meant [B]KNit 4 stitches, Make 1 stitch by kniting in front and back of stitch
before marker, K2 and make another stitch, repeat to end of pattern[/B]
doesn’t that make the border bigger instead of the 6 stitches border ?

i thought you should to maintain the 6 stitches border throughout the pattern ?

i finally figure out the pattern :thumbsup: …thanks !

This is what the notes say: “Increases used are as foll: Pick up bar between current and next stitch and knit into the back of it.”

The 6 border sts are in garter, so on the odd rows like row 9, you knit them. The marker is after the 6th st, so the row goes - Sl 1, knit 4, M1, k2, M1, knit to next marker. Or k5, m1, k2, m1, knit to next marker if you don’t want to slip the edge stitches. When you repeat the inc row again, your marker will have shifted over because of the inc st in front of it, and the border sts will remain the same. Just try it out, you’ll be able to see it in the yarn easier than in your head.

thank you so much Suzeeq… you are a gem …:hug:

Shoot! I really like the look of this sweater but I’m going to have to learn the basics of sweater making before trying this one. Its the shortest pattern I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen necklaces with longer pattern instructions than this!

It’s a top down raglan and they’re some of the easiest to make. CO the neckline, inc to your underarm (try as you go for size) then make the body, usually stockinette. Knit the sleeve stitches and dec to wherever. Now you’re done. That’s it.

how to attach the sleeves? pick up the stitches at the end or is it somehow worked into the pattern? I’m one of those people that needs a pattern spelled out, I don’t even like charts!

You should have put your sleeve stitches onto holders while you completed the body of the sweater. Transfer or knit them onto your regular needle and knit in the round, decreasing 2 sts every 8 rows.