Question on beginning knitting

I’ve just taught myself knitting this month, and this site has been extremely helpful. However, everytime I knit, the last stitch on my row has about a 3 to 4 inch piece of yarn between it and the last stitch. It appears that this is created by the lax from knitting tightly. What am I doing wrong, and how can I prevent it??

Please leave a comment, and if no one understands what I mean, tell me, so I can be more specific. The only solution I’ve found is to leave my first cast on (the slipknot) off the knitting, giving me an extreme amount of yarn on the end.

[b][color=indigo]It’s a pretty common situation. I generally make sure I knit the last stitch in each row, and slip the first st as if to purl. That makes a nice edge.

An alternative is to knit to the last stitch, but don’t knit it. Bring yarn to front between the two needles and then slip the last st as if to purl. Turn and always knit the first st. That will give a nice edge, too.

Other people swear on knitting the first stitch tight and giving it an extra tug as you start the second st. It’s never worked that well for me… But as you’ll find, there are many, many ways to do the same thing in the knitting world. :teehee: [/color][/b]

yes, that’s that loose first stitch. the way i fix it is by knitting my first stitch as normal and then i insert my needle into my second stitch and this is when i give my yarn a tug. this pulls that extra yarn you have going on the first stitch nice and tight, but don’t pull too hard, just a tug will do. you will see that extra yarn will go away when you do this.