Question on adding new yarn

I am new to knitting and am making a scarf using all knit stitch. I ran out of my old yarn and have just finished the row in which I added the new yarn (same type of yarn). All of the tutorials that I’ve found say to “purl into” the three stitches that each have two strands in which I added the new yarn, as if they were each just one stitch, but I am doing all knit stitch in my scarf. So do I “knit into” those stitches, or do I still have to purl into them?
I hope that was clear! And if I could get a reply as soon as possible, that would be awesome, as I’m planning on entering my scarf in our county fair that is coming up very soon.
Thank you in advance!!

Welcome to KH!
I’m not sure which videos you saw but you don’t have to do any particular stitch when you add a new strand of yarn. Continue whatever stitch you have been doing and just remember to knit any doubled sts at one stitch. Might be good to mark these sts just to be sure.

Thank you so much! - for the welcome and your answer. I guess the people who made the videos assumed that you would be knitting one row, and then purling the next; that must have been what got me confused. :slight_smile: As you can see, I’m very new to this, so I’m so glad I discovered this forum!

I think you’re right about the videos. Stockinette is so common that they are using it as the example.