Question on a pattern

I am a begining knitter. I know this question is easy but I dont want to mess up the sweater I am trying to do by doing the wrong thing anyway this is what the pattern says for me to do.

work same as back until piece measures 22" from beg, ending with a WS row.

Now do I knit the right side and then I am left with the ws row. Or do I knit the WS and then stop. Does that make any sense?

I havent picked up my knitting in awhile so I have forgotten some stuff.

Thanks for your help. This is my first sweater.


There are no stupid questions! :heart:

You will knit all the way to the end of the WS row. So, when you continue to the next step in the pattern you will be starting at the beginning of a RS row.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see it when you are finished!

Beth -

Yes, when you start thinking too much it does get confusing. “Ending with a WS row” means the last row you knit will be WS. The next pattern instruction will be starting with the right side. Try reading ahead to the next instruction and see if this is confirmed (that’s what I’ve done sometimes in the same situation). Also, some patterns do have errors.


Thanks for your help!!! I can now move on to the next step.