Question - lace ribbon and a shrug pattern

need suggestions for a very simple shrug using ribbon lace, I am an advanced begginer. Iwould appreciate suggestions and guidance. Thank you lapislapis:hug:

I found a few that say they use ribbon, but without knowing the gauge of the yarn or any other info it’s pretty yard to help.

It’s really easier to find a pattern THEN buy the yarn for it. I know how that goes though sometimes when you just can’t resist some gorgeous yarn and buy it pattern unknown. :teehee:

See if any of these will work. Scroll down for some of the patterns. I have no idea how hard or easy they are.

This book has one that looks nice. (saw it on Ravelry)

Here is one that is not lacy but is done in ribbon yarn:


I just noticed this was in the wrong forum so I moved it. What’cha Knittin’ is just for works in progress (WIP) or finished objects (FO).