Question - kind of worried

Yesterday I knit and crocheted a lot. The finger I rest my hook and one of my needles on on my right hand ring finger, is sore and swollen today… has anyone had this happened? I’m kind of freaked. I hope I just bruised it

my fingers get their share of use. Just rest them a bit. Unfortunately it makes you slow with your work when you have to do that. But it gets less over time, I think.

Is it the skin or a joint that is swollen?

It’s on my ring finger in the middle between the middle joint and the top joint. It’s puffed out and sore. But I can bend it now. It’s still swollen but doesn’t hurt unless I try to crochet. LOL I think I’ll be resting my finger a few days

your finger obviously wants a break!
repetetive motions can do that. :smiley:

This happens to me all the time. Just consider it a battle scar.

Hardcore knitting… I like it! :slight_smile:

Thank you! i will definitely consider if a battle scar from now on (now that I know it’s normal :aww: )

I’ve gotten it from the pointy circulars I’ve used this past week. Band-aids work great if it’s too tender.

Running a little OT, but what is your avatar, it looks like Loki/Gabriel from Supernatural.

I haven’t gone bowling in years, but that happens to me when I bowl. I think it’s the same thing… pressure on one area for a long period of time…Or in my case from a heavy ball for a short amount of time. :wink: I used to get ice water and stick my finger in it. It helped a little.

I was gonna say, ice your finger.

Not to worry you, but you may want to ask your doctor to evaluate you for rheumatoid arthritis. I have a friend who had symptoms similar to that and she ended up having the beginnings of RA.

I know this kind of thing happens to us knitters all the time, the thing that concerns me the most is the fact that its swelling. I’ve had pain and some issues of stiffness and redness before, but swelling is typically an inflammatory response in relation to an infection or injury. And swelling in joints can be attributed to RA.