Question - intarsia vs fairisle for letters

hey guys, I’ve been away for awhile (so busy!) but I finally have some time to devote to knitting.

I’ve figured out fairisle and intarsia, but I’m not sure which one to use for something like letters. I want to use the letter charts from this website. I guess I’m not supposed to use fairisle when the knitted line is longer than 5 stitches, but I find it an easier method than intarsia… what happens to the knitting if I use fairisle in this case?

There’s no law against using stranded knitting (Fair Isle) for letters.

You can strand across any number of stitches you want, as long as you catch the yarn in the back rather than have a very long loop.

To catch the yarn in the back, insert your needle to knit the next stitch, but bring the carried yarn up over the tip of the right needle from back to front. Then wrap your working yarn as normal, and then take the carried yarn off and complete the stitch. It will catch in the back in a manner that doesn’t show, and you can do it every half-inch or so.