I’m knitting a totebag and have just begun the handles…I’ve come across a direction in the pattern that I’m not sure of: With size 11 needles and double strand of wool, cast on 9 stitches-Row 1: Knit 5, yf, slip 4, turn…

First of all, yf means to bring the yarn to the front of the work, right? When I do this and slip 4 (which is just slipping 4 stitches off of my needle, right?), the stitches are just hanging off…I suppose I’m doing something incorrectly…and turn is a term I’m not quite sure of either…can anyone help?!! Thanks, Joyce

Hi Joyce,
yes bring your working yarn to the front.
when you slip the stitches, you’ll slip them
from the left needle onto the right needle.

Turning your work just means to place your
right needle into your left hand and your left
needle into your right hand. Just like you do
when you end a row.

btw, this makes a very attractive handle.
will you be felting the bag?

hth! Happy Knitting

I’ll try this in a few minutes and see what happens before you disappear. This is my first project besides scarves, so has been somewhat challenging…and fun. I will be felting the bag, but haven’t gotten as far as figuring out how to do that just yet…one step at a time!! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Joyce

Ok…that worked…now it tells me to take my yarn across the back of work and pull firmly, then back to knitting and slipping…when I pull the yarn, it’s very tight and of course makes it more difficult to knit, is that what I’m supposed to be doing?!!

When I get to the end, pull the yarn to the front and do the slip stitches, I then switch hands and pull the working yarn firmly…when I begin to do the next row (which is the same), my working yarn is 4 stitches back from where I begin to knit, which has the appearance of about a 1/4 inch of yarn on the backside of the work which has the appearance of a piece of yarn that shouldn’t be there…I must be doing something incorrectly…would my being a continental knitter have anything to do with my problem?!

Joyce that is correct, the yarn that you’re seeing coming from the middle of the row, running across the work will disappear into the pattern.

Thanks again…I started over 3 times thinking I was doing something wrong and just put it down for the evening!! I’ll continue on now. I’m assuming the felting takes care of the “disapppearing act”, right?!!

Actually that length of yarn should disappear as you knit the handle, as long as you’re pulling it firmly enough. You’ll have to share a pic when you’re finished! :slight_smile:

I just told my husband that you must be a “pro” because you could envision what the handle would look like…you’re right, it appears to be an attractive handle and I will share a photo when I ever finish!! I’ve read different methods for felting…do you have a favorite?

Me, a pro?! Hmmmmmm, I think not, but thanks for thinking so! :wink:
As for felting, I have Bev Galeskas’ book ‘Felted Knits’ and have used her instructions. Basically I throw my project in a pillow case, tie it closed and wash it on regular cycle in hot water…I keep checking about every fifteen minutes or so to monitor the project. Whatever you do, don’t let the washer go into spin cycle, it may well ruin your bag! What results from the spin are creases, quite permanent I might add. What works best for me is to leave the washer lid up, my washer won’t go into the spin cycle with the lid raised. (I suffer from CRS, can’t remember sh!t, perhaps age related?!) :lol:
Oh and I read somewhere to add baking soda to the wash if you’ve hard water, supposedly it helps with the felting process.

May I ask what pattern you’re using?

Hey…I suffer from the same CRS…I think mine is possibly thyroid-peri-menopause related…or at least, that’s what I’m attributing it to…also have a BIG birthday coming up next month that I won’t mind having a dose of CRS!!

I’m using a pattern that the lady who co-owns the lys gave me…I’ve spent so much $$ there since November that she didn’t charge for it! It just has Fiber Trends Fabulous Felt Totes at the top of the page…designed by Leigh Radford…she said that it was “simple” and since it was my first totebag and I’m basically an advanced beginner, that it should be easy for me. It has been fairly simple with a few bumps along the way!

Thanks for the felting tips and I’ll see if I can get a copy at B&N…I haven’t casted off the totebag yet…I’ve been a little chicken and thought I’d let the lys lady take a look at it to make sure I haven’t done anything awful before I casted off! It does appear to make a pretty bag though. This website is awesome and I’m so glad I found it…and people like YOU! Joyce

You know, CRS was introduced as a formal disorder in 19-- when ever, by Dr… Whoever. The symptoms can range from, ummm, ahhh, well never mind. I forgot what I was going to say.

How are those mittens turning out??