Question from a beginner ab yarn

So I’m a beginner, I know how to do the very basics. I’ve read that beginners should start out with size 8 needles and some worsted yarn. I’ve played around with that a little but i found a pattern that calls for velvet yarn. It seems very very thick and would require very thick needles. Would this be a difficult task? I’ve never knitted with thick needles or anything, just some size 8s

give it a go.

the idea of using size 8 needles and worsted yarn when ou first learn is purely so you can get a hang of the technique. using yarn that is to thick or to thin (likewise with needles) can be challenging if you are trying for the first times (boy do i know it!).
however if you have played around a bit and tried the basic kniitting and purling etc and are happy(ish) with how to do them then why not go for some funk yarn and different needles.

There is certainly no set time scale which says when and how you can do things. you just go and do what you are happy and comfortable with.

Finding a pattern that interests you is a great way to improve your knitting skills. It can give you the incentive to keep going if you hit a snag and encourages you to learn new stitches. Go for it!

Definitely go for it! :slight_smile: We’re always here if you need help, but you’ll be just fine!

I definitely say go for it as well. If you feel comfortable enough with it, there’s no reason not to. I first started with size 9 bamboos and worsted weight yarn. I made really nothing more than swatches and had gotten bored with it. I decided I was ready to make a scarf but I didn’t want it to take forever. I used a bulky yarn and a size 11 or 12 needles. It was a little rough, at first, but I quickly got used to it and it gave me enough confidence to continue on :slight_smile:

Actually I would suggest size 10s and worsted yarn for learning. It’s easier to see the stitches and it doesn’t create all that loose a stitch.

Wait on the velvet yarn a bit until you have some experience. Especially if it’s Lion Chenille. The thick chenille isn’t as bad as the thinner stuff, but it can still be difficult to work on especially on size 8s. I did purposely make a bag with the thick chenille and 8s though; I wanted a velvet like bag for my SIL and couldn’t find one, so I knit one very dense so nothing would slip through.

Go for it! My very first project was a scarf in super-chunky variegated wool with size US 19 (!!!) needles. I liked it, because it was so big that I could see everything really well before moving to a smaller scale. But velvet and chenille can be tricky! Good luck!