Question for those who bought the J Paige Knitter's purse?

Hi. I picked up my Jordana Paige knitter’s purse today at my LYS. They ordered it for me. It is soo nice. But, I found a little surprise in there that I was not expecting. I got a pair of size 4 Tahiki Clover needles? Was this something that was put in by my LYS or by the JP company? Anyone else receive something like this?

Sara, I have just recently heard of these bags…so after reading your post…I googled the bag…said nothing about the needles…but i’m :heart: ing that messenger bag! I put my email directly on the site for m bag info when it comes out…very cool, indeed!!

I received size 5 Clover straights and 2 JP pencils in mine when I ordered directly from the company. I sent a thank you note to her the next day. SHe is so sweet!

Thanks Roxy. I was not sure if it was my LYS or from Jordanna Paige. I appreciate you answering the question for me.

Anytime sweety :wink:

I also got a set of bamboo needles with my JP bag and I think a pencil too. That was such a nice surpise.

I :heart: :heart: suprises.