Question for the mod squad

Hey all:

I noticed that people do this all the time, but how the heck do you link to something without the link showing? If I could do this, I would, but since I can’t, I didn’t, and would love to learn. (anybody for a round of a woodchuck could chuck?) LOL


To change to Knitting Help

You do this (minus the [color=red]red underscore[/color] ) []Knitting Help[/[color=red]_[/color]url]

Yeah, what she said… :thumbsup:

i am not a mod squad kinda girl but i can tell you what i do when i hafta put a link on the site. i just over my cursor over the URL button and the instructions will be there. The first set is for making the URL be a hyperlink. the second set tell you how to change text into a clickable link. i don’t know what the “(alt+w)” is for i just ignore it. i am only just starting to remember the directions after all this time! :wink:

The (alt+w) is a keyboard shortcut that you can use instead of clicking the url button.

there…I just pressed alt+w! If I pressed it again after pasting the url code, then it would close the function and make it a link!

:doh: learn something new everyday! I :heart: keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks!! I will definitely be using it now!

I always wanted to know how to do this! Here’s my test:

MannMade Blog

Did it work?

Edited: Sweet!!!

Go Suzie - it’s ya birt’day!!! :happydance: