Question for the "experts" here

How do you manage to have so many projects going on at once? I’m one of those people that likes to finish what I start before I start something new! But for me, I’m bored with my hooded blanket, which I feel still isn’t getting very far (keep in mind I have a 19 month old and not a lot of time on my hands most days). I so badly want to finish it so I can start on some socks. Do you get confused when you have a few projects going at once? Or is this to keep your sanity with long projects? Just curious :slight_smile:


Danielle, I am certainly not an “expert”, :wink: , but from what I’ve seen, there are different types of knitters. Some people don’t like to have more than one or two projects going at once, and have to finish their current one before starting another. Other people have a million things going at the same time, and love it! I don’t like to have too many things going at once. I feel pressure to get them done. I think the most that I’ve ever had at the same time is 3 or 4 projects. That being said, I might only be working on a couple of things, but have yarn and/or patterns for a lot more waiting!! :smiley:

I’m fairly new to knitting myself (about 4 months now) and I try to only work on one major thing at a time. I did a baby blanket that took a month and it dragged so I allowed myself a chance to work on something small as a break from the blanket. It really is a personal choice - like Margie said some people love having many projects on the needles. I only have a few at a time (and usually only concentrate on one) but my queue of things to be knitting is a million miles long!

You can certainly be monogamous if you want to! :smiley:

Personally I ususally have one big thing going that stays at home, and one or two little things that I throw in my bag and knit on the go. (Or one thing that requires concentration, and a few that don’t.)

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m a monogamous knitter :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: One of the few…LOL :wink: I usually break up a large project by knitting something fun & quick about 1/2 way through; if I start getting bored, I stop what I am knitting…knit something quick & satisfying & then I complete the original project. The important thing about knitting (to me) is that I have fun & enjoy what I’m knitting :wink:

rebecca is so good, isn’t she? :lol:

Well, I’ll speak for the rest of us, LOL. I’m no expert, either, but for me, it breaks up the monotony, especially if I’m working on something big. The most projects I can have going without feeling overwhelmed is 4 or 5 (I currently have 4). Somehow, I don’t get confused so long as I don’t let a project languish for weeks–then, I kind of have to get back into the groove of it, but it usually doesn’t take too long.

I don’t think I’ve ever only had only one WIP ever! I crochet as well as knit, and I lose interest in a project from time to time. I like having the variety of different things. I always have at least one or two extremely portable projects that I can easily grab as I’m leaving the house. I usually have a fairly involved pattern or project that I have in the living room for while watching tv. I usually have an easy to pick up and put down project at the computer for while I’m there.

Very interesting! Like I said, I was just curious to see how people felt about it! Thanks ladies!


I’m definitely not an expert, but I usually have two or more things going at once because sometimes I’ll get bored with one pattern and want to change things up a bit. For example, I’m knitting a Harry Potter scarf right now that’s knit in the round and when finished will be about 6’5 long, so it takes a lot of time to knit and it’s very monotonous, so I have a diaper soaker going on the side. Very quick knit, and it’s a nice change of pace.

I have a gazillion things going on at once. And when I finish something I don’t think “OK now I can get back to xyz” I think “Ah ha now I can knit this NEW thing!” :rollseyes: