Question for Suzeeq


You recently replied to a post by Knity regarding raglan sleeves. Knity wanted to know how many stitches she should increase to from the 48 stitches she cast on for the sleeve in order to get the correct sleeve length.

You told her to measure the widest part of a finished sleeve (usually at the underarm), then multiple the inches by sts/inch.

I’m doing a raglan sweater for the 1st time in a knitting class. I’m working on the 1st sleeve. My sleeve began with 69 sts. I have to increase 1 st at every 1st and next-to-last st.

I’m knitting the sweater for my husband. I’ve been using one of his sweaters as a “template” to get “desired lengths.” I measured the widest part of the “template” sweater at the underarm. It was 10.5". My pattern says I should have 1" every 5 1/3 stitches (of course it couldn’t be a whole number!).

If I multiply 10.5 X 5 = 52.5 sts. That doesn’t make sense. That number is SMALLER than the 69 sts I began with.

What am I missing? How many stitches should I have on my needle when I reach the correct length?

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here.

Your measured 10.5" is only half the sleeve (the width when the sleeve is folded and sewn in). So you actually need the sleeve to be 21" wide when you knit it flat.
21"x5.3 = 111.3, so 111 (or 112) sts.

Gotta Knit,

Thank you so much!

It’s nice to hear from a Canadian. My husband is from Montreal. and I have family in PEI.


Thanks, Gotta Knit. Yes, don’t forget to double the measurement, because it goes around the whole arm.