Question for someone with the Fiber Trends Clog pattern

I’m getting ready to order the Fiber Trends Clog pattern and I want to get the yarn at the same time. I know that there’s a few KAL’s on these, but I don’t want to wade through 50,000 pages. :wink: Especially since I only have 3 small questions.

If you have the pattern could you tell me: what size clog would I knit for a woman who wears 9.5-10 size in shoes? Also what yarn does it call for? And lastly, how much yarn in how many colors do I need for the size I need to make?

Thanks so much!!

I’ve knitted about 12 of those clogs. It’s really fun to knit esp. after the first one and you get the hang of it. I would probably knit a woman’s large and then you felt more if too big. On the pattern, it says women’s size Large is size 10, woman’s medium is size 8. Women’s large --you need 650 total yards for the double strand worsted weight yarn. For two colors, you need 1/3 of yardage for upper color and 2/3 of yardage of sole/cuff color. Pattern is shown in 10 ply Woolpak from Baabajoes Wool Co. A lot of people used WOTA from Knitpicks and some used Cascade 220. I knitted one pair of clogs in bulky wt. and didn’t double the strands. Hope this helps

I’m knitting a pair now in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride!!!

TY so much! :muah:

I wear almost the same size as you and the women’s large size is perfect.