Question for mommies of more than one baby

So did you show quicker with your second or subsequent kiddos? I’m already showing at 11 weeks (10.5 actually…)!!! Several people told me it’d happen and I thought it was an old wives tale but I get those weekly mailings from telling me “what’s happening” and the one I got last week said that if it’s your second or subsequent child, you might see your belly “pop” sooner. (“pop” didn’t sound so good…lol…I assume they meant “pop out”!)

Once those muscles are stretched, they are more easily stretched the second time. Kind of like a balloon that’s been blown up. On the other hand, labor should be shorter, too, but that’s not a guarantee.

yea…they tell me that too…thank God b/c my labor was 23 hours AFTER my water broke w/ the first one. This doc promises he won’t let me go that long this time…:slight_smile:

My first was about 23 hours, the second about 15, and the third about 11. Pushed that last one out in 2. :rofling: :thumbsup:

you go girl! Hopefully I’ll follow in your footsteps…in the shorter labors…I don’t want two more after this one!! Sometimes I watch the one I have run around the house like a wild banshee and think…now why did I want another one!!!

I had a girl and a boy and a ‘bonus.’ :rollseyes: There were days when I felt I was certifiable, but I never really regretted any of it.

I definitely showed sooner the second time around. I was fully in maternity clothes by 16 weeks (and I’m normally on the small side). With the first, when I told people, they were really surprised…with the second, they were all like yeah, I was thinking you looked pretty pregnant. :roflhard:

I also felt movement mcuh earlier – at 14 weeks! I freely admit that prior to that, I thought people who reported feeling movement that early were full of crap. But then it happened to me… :shock: :roflhard:

I bought a maternity outfit last week but it’s really just athletic pants and a tee-shirt–the pants are a little loose but I figure it gives me growing room. I can still wear clothes that are loose fitting or have an elastic waist. I’m putting off “real” maternity clothes for as long as possible.

I was wondering about that whole baby moving thing too–I’ve always heard that you feel it earlier but I wasn’t sure how much earlier. I can remember the first time I felt my daughter move but I can’t remember how far along I was–seems like I was about 16 weeks or so.

I think the rule of thumb is: your pants are too tight the day after you find out you’re pregnant with #2. :slight_smile:

Yes, I definitely starting showing sooner, and feelng movement sooner, and had a shorter, easier labor with #2.

My boss told me, “Baby#2 is like spitting out a watermelon seed.” (I felt like saying, "TMI! TMI! DON’T. WANT. TO. DISCUSS. THIS. WITH. YOU. But I just smiled. ;))

Yup, with the boys I showed sooner than with Rach. The boys’ labors were shorter as well.

Good…maybe it’ll be a boy…dh says anything healthy but I know he’d like a boy. :slight_smile:

I was doing good w/ the weight thing up until week 8–from 8-10.5 I’ve gained 2.5 lbs. That makes a total of 3.5. I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to gain more than 5 in the first trimester so I’m trying to eat carefully…I’m really weight conscious since I gained so much w/ dd.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

with my son I didn’t really show till the end he was born in Nov. and one day in Oct my shoes were gone… but my daughter whew I lost my feet with in the first 3 months didn’t find them again till Dec :rofling: … I couldn’t belive it… I’ve heard that too the 2nd goes faster… I only had 45 mins of pushing with my first and then my daughter they had to take… Now with my son the weight came off so fast… my daughter is 2.5 and I’m finally seeing the tummy go away slowly :rollseyes:

I definitely showed earlier with my second child. My first labor was 9 hours the second was 3! I didn’t have a third, but wondered if I would have made it to the hospital! :shock:

Yep, I started showing earlier with each pregnancy. And now with this one (#4) it seems like I show even more because my first three were all born in the winter…this one is due at the end of July. It’s certainly a lot more noticable in shorts and T-shirts vs. pants and sweaters! Nothing like having to buy new maternity clothes for baby #4!

And labor has gone faster for each, too. Our first took about 12 hours (once we finally got to stay at the hospital on our third trip there within 14 hours). Then with our second, I wanted to be able to stay at the hospital and not be sent home, plus I figured I’d rather be in labor at home than for 12 hours at the hospital, so we waited until we KNEW it was time to go. Glad we got there…#2 was born less than an hour after getting to the hospital!

Then with our third, we knew I’d go fast, so we tried to get to the hospital a little earlier…baby #3 still arrived after only two hours at the hospital. Should be interesting to see what happens this time around!

I was at a baby talk group (in Canada, the local health units have groups where new moms can come for the first six months and talk about different issues their children are having…or them, for that matter…anyway) once when I was taking my babysitter’s course, and there was one lady there whose entire labour was 20mins! start to finish, i think. WOW

My 2nd (and last) baby is 13 years old today! When she was born, my son was 2 yrs, 2 months, and 2 days old! I’m sure I showed sooner the second time around but since I had gestational diabetes the first time, doc put me on the diet right away for #2 which really managed the weight better than I would have done on my own!

Having two does add a whole new dimension to things, but all good stuff.

I remember one time when they were little, DS was eating some american cheese when he decided to lay strips of it artfully across DD’s head. I found myself saying a combination of words I never in a million years could have imagined would ever need to be combined: “Steven, take that cheese off your sister’s head!”

Maybe this is a more common parental instruction in Wisconsin, but as soon as the words left my mouth I just had to laugh! :rofling:

Wishing you a continued uneventful pregnancy!

I definitely started showing sooner with #2. By 10 weeks, I was doing the elastic through the button hole and around the button thing so I could still wear my pants. My total labor with #1 was 6 hours and with #2 it was 1.5 hours. It was completely different both times, but much easier the 2nd time.

My second would have been easier than the first, but she was too big!

DD1 weighed 6 lbs 11 ounces and DD2 weighed 9 lbs .5 ounces. I asked them to tell me her weight again because I thought I had heard it wrong! :??

We were just the opposite!

Baby #1 was 9 lbs. 5 ounces (10 days early, mind you!), and baby #2 was 6 lbs. 10 ounces (right on time). The first thing we asked was, “Is she okay?” (She was just fine.) We couldn’t believe she weighed so much less than baby #1!

Then baby #3 was 7 lbs. 9 ounces (8 days early).

So who knows what baby #4 will weigh in a few weeks. :rofling: