Question for knitting the Booga Bag

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Hi, I am also making the booga bag. I still do not understand how to knit
twisted stiches. You mentioned pick up the stiches through the back?
What do you mean? insert the right needle as if to purl but through the back?
Please explain. Please let me know how did your booga bag turned out and how
long did you keep it in the washing machine.
Also would like to know what type of yarn did you use? I bought the (3) Noro Kureyon but you cannot knitt with double yarn throughout using this yarn, therefore
I will knitt using single yarn. Did you use Noro Kureyon/ and if you did, how well did it felt? and how much did it shrink?
I know I am asking too many questions, but I do not want to mess it up after I paid $9.50 per skein.
Thanks so much,
Sil B.

That’s the ticket!

I knit a booga using Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks. Alot of folks have used a solid, less expensive yarn for the base and a little ways up the sides so they can double the Noro and use it only on the parts that make the most difference.

I think it will be important to double the yarn, otherwise, you are going to end up with a not-so-sturdy bag.

The washing time depends on so many things…whenever you are felting, you just have to check it every 5-10 minutes.

This thread should help you…I did not double the kureyon for the booga bag. I did a larger booga and it required 5 1/2 of the 50 gram skeins. I thought it turned out fairly well…it did felt more firm using the kureyon than some later bags I knitted using Cascade Pastaza and Lamb’s Pride, but I am currently knitting the Vintage Bubble Bag which requires 2 strands…I’m using Kureyon and Galway for this particular bag. The only real issue I had was that the Booga seemed flimsy on the bottom, so I cut an insert out of plastic needlepoint grid and covered it with stick-on felt for the inside bottom.

As far as the felting, you should check the bag every 5 minutes or so…usually takes a good 15-20 minutes…if you’ll go to the search tabs above to make a query…for instance…type in felting booga…you’ll be able to read threads on every felting booga issue here, although we’ll help you if we can along the way!


Thanks for helping me figure out the picking up 16 twisted stitches.
I have started the booga bag, but it will really be too small than how I wanted it. :thinking:
Anybody familiar with this pattern, could you tell me how to alter this pattern to make it bigger. I read that foothills casted on 54 stiches (instead of 34) and did 54 rows. This sounds more like the size of the bag I’d like. my question is how many stitches did you pick up on the sides to knit the bag in the round if you have 54 rows???
top and bottom have 54 stitches, but how many do the sides have?
I definitely have to buy at least 2 more skeins of the Noro.
:happydance: Thanks

I had to pull out my scribble…I picked up 26 stitches… I knitted 54 rows for bottom and after picking up stitches, I knitted 84 rows. Please do not ask me why because I cannot remember anything other than someone told me to alter a pattern in multiples and since this was the second bag I’d ever done, I was totally lost :roflhard:

A photo of the booga I did is located on the first or second page of my blog (Destiny of Foothills)…check to make sure it’s the size you want!


Thanks so much Joyce :happydance:
I will buy more yarn and make it bigger like yours.
By the way, I saw the picture in your blog.
Both the booga and the other one you made are absolutely awesome!

Thanks Sil…I’ve tried to avoid those bags that require “picking up stitches” since the Booga :roflhard: I’m sure I’ll make another one at some point though :wink:


I :heart: :heart: my booga bag, I actually use it all of the time, it’s small, but I just carry my wallet, phone & pda…all that I need! I change purses often, too…so…After I finish my long project list I have to make some more felted bags & more booga bags will be on my list. FYI, I used KnitPicks’ Wool of the Andes, altho, I didn’t double it & mine holds up fine; I did cut a piece of cardboard & covered it to go in the bottom of the bag which helps a great deal ;). Here is a picture of my completed Booga Bag

Wow, yours is really fancy! How did you do the felted flower accesories?
Did you also knitted them?
Very pretty Rebecca.