Question for Fair Isle knitters


I was wondering if some of the more experienced Fair Isle
knitters could tell me what they think of this pattern?
I mean, is it something a beginner could tackle or would
it be for the more experienced? I like it and will eventually
do it but I have only done one stranded colorwork project
before so don’t want to tackle anything too complicated
and get discouraged. The pattern is in Finnish but if you
scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Nayta neulekaavat"
you can see the colorwork chart. I thought I could do it
because it seems that there are only two colors to worry
about per row…what do you think?
Libbie :slight_smile:

You’re right! This would be fine for a beginner, although they are a bit long. I personally would start people off on a slightly smaller project to be safe, but that’s up to you! I do recommend though that you don’t do these until you have already done a sock in the same method, e.g. if they are top-down with a heel flap, make sure you have done one before.

Also do a long swatch and keep going until your tension has gotten quite good and even, and be scrupulously honest about gauge because colourwork is less stretchy than plain knitting.

And… check out Eunny’s blog, a post called Tip, Tricks and Treats covering most of what you need to know about SC as a beginner.

If you haven’t done fair isle at all I suggest practicing first on something else. It’ll help you learn how to strand the yarn loosely so you can get your foot in the socks and catch the strands at the back so your toes won’t catch in them. Here’s where I learned to work fair isle…they give you a little sample purse to do. You’ll need IE to view the video.

Sure, easy if you speak Norwegian! I’d be pulling my hair out trying to translate it all. ROFL But I think Jan has a good idea if you have never done stranded work to do something small to get the hang of it. Or you could do like I do and just dive into really complicated projects with both feet. Sort of the sink or swim method.

That was the BEST video I’ve seen on the subject. Thank you so much for posting it. I wish I had known her technique ages ago – to make up for it, I’m going to order one of her kits, once I decide on a color scheme.



That’s my preferred method, too. :slight_smile:

I wanna watch this and haven’t got IE! I’ll have to try on someone else’s computer…

Ok, thanks for recommending Eunny’s blog and also
the link to the video. I have already done one project
so sort of have the “feel” for this type of colorwork and
I am comfortable making socks so I think will go ahead
and tackle these!

Btw, knitncook, the language is Finnish not Norwegian! :wink:
People are a bit sensitive about things like that around

Libbie :slight_smile:

Sounds like me as well. My first (and till now only, since I’m still working on it) stranded project is a whole sweater. But it’ll be finished and I love stranded knitting, so I think I managed to swim :wink:

I’m not alone :teehee:!

Thank you Jan!:cheering: I’ve been planning a small fairisle part on a project of mine, and that method is surely the best I’ve seen! You’ve probably saved me lots of frustration (ie :frog:) to come