Question for Cast-On for Seeded Rib Stitch!

Hello all,

I am new and grateful to have found this site and looking forward to get to know everyone. I am an ExPat from Montreal now living in Sydney, Australia. I am an intermediate self-thaught knitter and knitting using the English method. I am about to start a jumper for myself, a Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton pattern which is made using Seeded Rib Stitch and my question is what kind of Cast-On do I use? The pattern is made of 2 rows. 1st Row: k1.*k3. p1. rep from *. The 2sd Row: k2, p1, *k3, p1 rep from * end with k2. Repeat those 2 rows. Thank you for reading and happy knittingā€¦

Julie :XX: [color=darkblue][/color]

I always use long-tail cast on and am satisfied with it regardless of the pattern that follows.

You can, however, use a knitted cast on and purl the stitches that you want purled.

Here is a site that shows how to purl in cast on.