Question for Americans about your money

We’re going to California for a holiday in about 1.5 weeks from now. We bought a bit of US cash at a currency exchange place here yesterday and it looks weird to me. Some of the bills, I think the $10 ones especially but the $20’s as well, are a weird color. They’re not totally the usual greenish colour - parts of them are a cream colour. It’s not that they’re super old either, the ones I noticed the most said 2003 and 2004. Is this normal?? Here’s a pic of two different $10 bills.

It’s fine. They printed new money in the past couple of years, but the old bills are still in circulation. You’re good. If you don’t like it though, you can pop it in an envelope to me.:lol:


lol Ingrid!

knitqueen, the one on top is the new version of the $10. They are supposed to be more secure and less able to be counterfeit. I am pretty sure, though, that people had them counterfeit as soon as they were in circulation! :wink:

(btw… the one on the bottom is a relatively new version too. There are still some out there in the world with the picture centered!)

Yeah Ingrid, I’ll get right on that! :teehee:

Thanks everyone, I feel better now and that we didn’t get ripped off.

FYI, because apparently it was a GREAT rate (I almost never go to the US so I’m not used to buying/selling money), we bought $100US for just $107CDN. Wow. My mom said that on one of their trips to the US a few years ago, it cost them $140CDN to buy $100US :shock:

things were very different 7 years ago…

Yes exchange rates vary and 6-7 years ago it was horribly unfavorable for CDN$, but great for US$. We had a weekend outing up over the border and stopped at a casino just on the US side, (because it was more than in canada) to exchange - $100US bought $136CDN. In recent year, the rate has come closer to even as you just found out.

They changed the colors, inks, and altered the paper a bit in response to N. Korea printing millions of dollars worth of American funny money.

now, in my opinion, we have the funny money. :teehee:

I remember once, when I used to work at a flower shop in our local mall, a Canadian shopper commented that she didn’t like US currency. She gave me a $100 bill to pay for her items and said she didn’t like it because it all looked the same…:think:
She was sort of nice, but in my head I was thinking, “Um, a 5 is a 5, a 10 is a 10…but perhaps we could make them colorful like yours- so your total comes to 4 pinks and 1 blue” :rollseyes::teehee:
Nothing personal KnitQueen:teehee:

No offense taken! I personally love our money, but every country’s currency is so different I think it’s great and love to see what others look like.

This all has been very interesting! Thanks everyone. :smiley:

$107? American money is at par here, my work changes it accordingly when the bank tells them it’s different.
All the American regulars at my work are bitching and moaning now because their money ain’t worth what it used to be.

When I first started it was almost 50 cents on the dollar, and now it’s 0…

I kinda hope it jumps again for Xmas coz my dad’s American and often stuffs Xmas cards full of American cash. I love it.

Now that you mention it that way, I’ve just realized that I never look at the dollar amount on the bill! I just look at the colours because it’s faster. It’s great when you find money in your purse “Was that a flash of red? OOOOH 50 dollar bill!”


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’m going to the US in less than two weeks to visit Angelia in Alabama, and then we’re heading to Illinois for FiberFest. In August, I’m driving through the US to British Columbia as I’m relocating there. I love that I will barely be losing any money due to the exchange rates! :happydance:

:psst: [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]I think that means I get to buy more yarn at FiberFest! :shifty: [/COLOR][/SIZE]

:teehee: I do the same thing Cathoo, I NEVER look at the number on the bill. It caused me some problems in the States before… :rofling:

Apparently colour is another way to have the bills more secure. It’s harder to reproduce, from what I heard.

Dilly, where in BC are you relocating to??

Boy do I feel stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Canadian bills! I had no clue that they were different colors. I just can’t imagine a rainbow filled wallet. And you can’t have the whole “save some green” line for sales either, huh.


Working at Disney, I come into contact with guests from all over the world. One of the things I thought was cool was the American Express Traveler’s Check Card. Instead of buying traveler’s checks and having to sign every single one of them, which can be tedious, you just have one card. I love the VISA gift cards too! Everyone accepts credit cards these days, even McDonald’s!

Of course, it’s nice to have some paper money, but I just love the idea of traveling somewhere and just having one card. The receipt prints out the balance so you always know how much money you have left.

Now I just need to travel somewhere so I can get one!:grin:

Yes, all is normal with the $10 bills.

The “new” $20 has a blueish tint now, as opposed to the “plain” green, and the new $50 has red & blue on it. The “old” bills are still available so you will see a mixture.

We do have a $2 bill, but you hardly ever see it… so much that some cashiers often think it’s fake beacuse they have never seen one.

Also, the US Gov’t is trying to introduce $1 coins (again… they never really “take” when they do that. We Americans love the $1 bill too much.) Right now the new ones they are releasing are gold in color, has a President one side (in order of their Presidency) with the Statue of Liberty on the other (Only the first 2 are out now: George Washington and John Adams.) Older versions of the $1 coin that you may come across feature Sacajewa (golden), Susan B Anthony or President Eisenhower, but are rarely seen.

The other “rare” coin is the half-dollar featuring President Kennedy, again, not seen very often either.

The current quarter program ( 1999-2008 ) has the standard President Washington picture on the front, but on the back is each of the states (in turn, by order of date of statehood), though the “eagle” back is still all over the place too, and every now and then you can find a Bicentennial quarter from 1976 (featuring a Revolutionary War drummer). The most recently state released is Idaho (State #43), so that and plenty of others to look for as well!

The nickel has a couple of “fun” variations" to find. Instead of the usual President Jefferson/Monticello coin, for 2005-2006 to commorate Lewis & Clarke’s expedition to the Northwest Jefferon’s portrait became for stylized and 4 new backs were introduced: shakings hand over a peace pipe - based on the Indial Peace Medal, Lewis & Clarke’s keelboat in full sail, a bison, and their view of the Pacific ocean.

The dime and penny haven’t been changed in forever… but every once in a blue moon you can find a “wheat penny” (from before 1959, when the back side changed to Lincoln’s Memorial.) The 1943 steel pennies are rarer - copper was being used in the War Effort, so the US Mint made pennies from steel!

I know this is alot more info that you wanted, but hey, what can I say… I’m a geek!