Question concerning 3 needle bind-off

My handbag pattern calls for a 3 needle bind off and I’ve looked at Amy’s video and it seems simple enough; however, my pattern tells me to divide the stitches evenly among 2 needles…do I take them off of the circular needles and put them on 2 dpn’s and if this is the case, the pattern doesn’t specify using dpn’s with the exception of the i-cord handle, so do I use the same dpn’s as called for in the pattern for the i-cord? :??


Divide the two halves you want to connect between two straight needles (or the ends of the circular, as long as the fronts are facing), doesn’t matter, really, :wink: you’re only using one end. With a third needle you do the bind-off. I usually use a needle one size larger to knit the bind off with.

I just did 3 needle bind off for the first time last week and OMG!! Loved it!! It’s so simple and cool!! I used the same size DPNs as I had been knitting the coat with…but if I didn’t have them on hand I would have just used the two ends of the circ. Just remember to flip it so that the right sides are facing. :thumbsup:

Thanks Ingrid!


If I leave them on the circulars, the right side is on the inside of the circs, so I just start the bind off with them facing each other, right?