QUESTION: Cable Back

Ok so I am trying to expand my knitting and I an tackling cables. I read instructions on how to do cables and that part I think makes sense. What I am having a hard time with is understanding my instructions for the pattern. It says *P6, CB, P5 repeat from * to last st. What I am not understanding is how many stitches are involved in the cable back. I get that I purl 6 but from there I am lost on the cable instructions. Any help?

Actually, it [I]should[/I] give you a number of stitches for the cable. How many stitches did you cast on? Is there a ‘set-up’ row before the cable pattern? Maybe in the pattern there are instructions for the CB telling you how many stitches to use?

Cables are like ribbing except on the row you cross the sts so you should have some knit sts between the p6 and p5. If it’s 4 or 6 knit sts, you would put half of them on the cable needle (2 or 3) and hold them to the back while you knit the same number of sts from the L needle, then knit the sts on the cable needle.

Well, it depends on how many stitches come between the two sets of “Purl 5” stitches. Usually, there’s an even number of stitches.

Do you have a link to the pattern??