Question - baby nap sacque

I am hoping that I can explain my question well enough to that someone can answer it for me! Here is goes:

I am knitting a “Nap Sacque” from a book, Baby Options, and I was be-bopping along doing a pretty good job when that all came to a screeching halt after I finished knitting the back.

So here is what I did, basically this is a baby dress, so I am knitting in rounds up to a point, then I started knitting a split down the center, so instead of rounds I am knitting then turning and pearling so that I have a nice clean opening down the front for buttons.

Then, I had to divide to make the arms, so I just had to bind off in some areas…basically I have 3 separate areas on my needle, the back and the two sides where the sleeves will attach (the two sides are separated by the button up area).

So I knit the back (knit, turn, pearl) to a certain point, bind off a few stitches on either side of the row, ending with a pearl row (now my back piece is a few inches longer than the other two pieces) and they say to slip the remaining stitches onto a holder and just move right into the “right front,” which is one of the other two pieces.

My problem is that it doesn’t say to connect the two pieces or to cut the yarn or anything, it just says to start working this new piece, but there is no logical way for me to do this! Especially since they say I should start with the wrong side and there is no way for me to do this. Also, the part of the piece that has the working yarn is a few inches longer than the piece they want me to start working…it is all so weird!!!

I’ve attached a picture, maybe that will help.

I would be so thankful if someone is able to decipher my description and help me. Ask me questions, anything, but please, someone help me! This baby is due in January and I knit pretty slow!

You can cut the yarn that’s attached to the stitches for the back that are on the holder. You’re done with that for now. Just leave a 6 inch tail to weave in later.

Now you’re going to start working the right front. With the WS facing you, start purling with your ball of yarn and finish that side. When it’s done, cut the yarn and work the left side.