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Which size should I make of this pattern?

This is the inches listed for Chest at underarm when zipped:

35 1/4", 39 1/2", or 44 1/2"? I’m a 35 1/2" at that point, and I’ve included a picture of how it looks on the model.

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Okay, so the pattern I’m trying out is a hoodie pattern pictured in my blog. I’m using a dif kind of yarn than they ask for. I’m using wool ease thick n quick. Well they gave me two gauges, and two needles, makes sense so far until both of the gauges say “with larger needles” and I’m pretty sure that for the hoodie, the garter stitch is all done with the smaller needles (which the exception of a few rows) … sooo, that leads me to ask this…

The gauge online that I got for wool-ease thick n quick is this:

Knit: 9 St sts and 12 rows = 4" (10 cm) on size 13 (9 mm) needles

The gauge in the pattern for garter stitch goes as follows:

Garter Stitch: 9 1/2 sts and 14 rows = 4" on size 13 needles.

Would that be right? I just have to ask. Because it doesn’t seem right to me…I’ve done two rows so far and it’s like an inch already.

Whatever the gauge of the pattern or the yarn label, your gauge is your gauge. You may have a looser row gauge than the pattern or label says. That’s more manageable than stitch gauge. I’d focus on the stitch gauge and you can compensate for the row gauge by knitting fewer rows if need be.

Herein lies the reason why doing your own gauge swatch is so important when knitting a garment! The person that wrote the pattern must have gotten another gauge with his/her knitting style. Some people knit looser, some tighter.
If i may suggest, knit a 4" by 4" swatch with the yarn that you have chosen, then measure the gauge, & then proceed from there :wink:

i’m thinkin they musta had one TIGHT gauge lol. Cause mine’s really not loose, but it’s not tight-tight either. Just able to slide on the needles with somewhat of an ease. I’ll try it both ways tho, I suppose :slight_smile: Because I could be wrong.

The other gauge they gave me is the most important one (because the majority of the hoodie is knit in that way), so I know that’s supposed to be what it is. The garter stitch is on the bottom, cuffs, and the actual hoodie.

Thanks Ingrid :slight_smile:

New questin :blush:

Your best bet is to measure a sweater that you love the fit of and make your new sweater to that size. I have one sweater that I use for all my measurements.

:shock: Well…Crap…I have no sweaters lol. South Texas= very little winter. All I have are coats and tight fitting sweatshirts that don’t really fit anymore.

I did decide to go ahead and do the next bigger size from 35 1/4 inches. Hopefully it ends up fitting good. If not, I can always frog it, but I don’t think I will :slight_smile: … I’ll just call it “cozy” but when it’s done, if it fits great, I’ll use it for the next pattern like you said :slight_smile: