Question about yoke on stopover

Good evening! So, I’m working on the stopover by Mary Jane mucklestone. I am using two strands of plotulopi. Does anyone know if I would be able to use lettilopi on some of the yoke pattern in place of the two strands of plotulopi? Thank you for your time!

Nice patterns. I can’t help but did find links.


You’re using 2 plies of plotulopi?

Looking at the “Yarn Ideas” at the top of the pattern details page that GG linked to, Istex Lettlopi has been used hundreds of times for this pattern. It should work for you but best to try a swatch with a couple of inches of the plotulopi followed by the lettlopi to check how the work side by side.

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Yes I’m using one strand of grey and one of dark grey… good idea on the swatching. I’m going to try that first. I just wasn’t sure how the plotulopi and lettilopi would act knitted next to each other. Maybe I’ll swatch the yoke pattern and see how it goes.

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Swatching the pattern is a good idea. It’s a lovely sweater.