Question about yo

i started knitting a shawl
swirl shawl a free pattern
i am confused
it says row 3 (K2,YO)3TIMES,K2,(YO,K2)3 TIMES
i am sorry i dont know how to put the link in
could someone please have a look at the pattern
i would appreciate your help

What is the web site where you found the free pattern? What doesn’t work out?

K what does row 2 say. And how many stitches are you supposed to end up with after row two? 3? According to the instructions for row 3 you should end up with 20 sts.

(k2,yo)3+k2+ (yo,k2)3 = 9+2+9=20 /written algebraicly.:thumbsup:

I think this is the pattern:

I’m not sure what your exact question is, but for Row 3, it reads, (K2,YO)3times, K2, (YO,K2)3 times. How you do this is:
knit, knit, yo, knit, knit, yo, knit, knit, yo
knit, knit
yo,knit, knit, yo, knit, knit, yo, knit, knit

The number of stitches knit is 14, which is how many you cast on. At the end of row 3, the yarn overs will give you 20 stitches.
On row 4, the number of knit stitches is 20. At the end of Row 4, the yarn overs will give you 26 stitches. And the shawl will grow out by continuing like that.

Does that help at all?

thank you frogger
no wonder i cant knit lace
thanks for the explanation