Question about YO


I thought I knew what u was doing with this but now I’m questioning it.

Working a top in the round, all stocking stitch in this section, and I need to increase in this round.
I know where to increase, 1 YO at each of the 4 markers.
The note in the pattern says
Inc 1 st before 1st marker as follows Make 1 YO.
On next round K YO twisted (ie work in the back loop of YO instead of front to avoid holes.

First I thought this would be:
Bring yarn forward between the needles, knit next stitch, therefore the yarn goes over the needle from front to back forming the loop. And i think this mounts the loop with right leg forward.

Then I thought maybe I’m wrong with the YO, after all it does not say yfwd… so… should YO be performed by beginning with yarn in back where it would be after the previous knit stitch, then lift it OVER the right needle, then to perform the knit stitch i would need to take it between the needles from front to back to get the yarn in back. This forms the loop from the back to the front and mounts the loop with right leg in back. This makes me think maybe this is the correct way as it makes a twisted stitch which I’m told to untwist on the next round.

Please advise me which is correct.

I’ve asked the wrong question haven’t I?
It’s more complicated than I thought.

My pattern doesn’t tell me to do YO and reverse YO but I think that’s what I need to do to mirror the increases.
But I don’t know which I put where.

A yo between knit sts is bringing the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle to the back. That’s it.
In your pattern, instead of using the yarn over to create an eyelet the yarn over is used to put a bit of extra yarn into the increase. So that you don’t see it, the yarn over is knit into the back loop on the next row. Think of this as a M1 with a bit more ease on the yarn strand.
American and British terminology differ in regard to yarn over as in so many things. In British patterns the type of yarn over is specified as yfwd (yarn forward), yrn (yarn round needle) or yon (yarn over needle) sometimes depending on the following stitch. In American patterns yo is a collective term for all the possible ways of working the stitch, leaving the details up to you.
What is the name of your pattern?

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Thanks. I appreciate the help.

I did think first YO was as you describe, then I got confused, then I watched this which all seemed to make sense having a YO make 1 which leans left and one which leans right

And I guessed which to put where for the left and right lean.
It’s front and back shaping for the waist, so I already did a bunch of mirrored decreases and thought now I probably need mirrored increases too rather than doing them all left leaning.
Would you agree?

I’ve done a round of these mirrored YO and reverse YO increases and it made sense at the time.
I’ve done 3 rounds following (adding the twist working a knit through the trailing leg as shown in the tutorial in the round after the increase) so I can see how the result looks.

I think I should tink back 4 rounds and change the YO to a make 1 where you lift the yarn from between the stitches because what I have is too loose and showing a hole which doesn’t snug up.