Question about yarn

If the pattern calls for 75% acrylic and 25% wool yarn and you are allergic to wool, would it matter if you made the item in 100% acrylic? I found a really neat pattern for a hat, fingerless gloves and matching leg warmers. I really would like to try it for myself (yes, I am finally going to make myself something), but am very allergic to wool. Please let me know…

Encore Worsted Ribbed Hat, Leggings, and Fingerless Gloves
designed by JoAnne Turcotte of Plymouth Yarn Co.

…this pattern came from the website, where I was directed to another website called Knit 'N Style Free Online Patterns.

HELP please!!!

wanting to :knitting:

As long as you can acheive the pattern gauge with the yarn you want to substitute, you shouldn’t have a problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for such a prompt reply. I will give it a try then. The next thing I will be doing is bugging you all about knitting on the round as I have never done this before, although I have a complete set of circular needles.

I can’t find the pattern, so I’m not sure exactly what yarn it’s calling for. But Try put in the yarn that the pattern uses and then along the side of the yarn info there will be a spot that says gauge, click on the number after it and it will give you all the yarns that fit that same gauge, it should list the fiber content for the other yarns. You shouldn’t have a problem though. under *legwarmers, it’s listed in our pattern central section, on the first page, I think it’s the second or third post down… and thanks so much for the information

ok I found it, here it is

Here is the list I found on knitdex. On the second page there is a bamboo yarn, I’ve never used it but I’ve heard a lot of people that like it.

Hope you find one that works for you.

Thanks once again. I love this place. Someone is always willing to help when you are stuck!

If you’re making legwarmers, I don’t know that Bamboo yarn would be a good choice. It’s usually used to make warm weather knits like summer tops. You can substitute just about any worsted weight acrylic yarn though.

Great, thanks! I think it’s time I made something for me and this pattern caught my attention. I don’t know if I’d do it in stripes but I AM going to make it FOR ME!!

:cheering: Yay! Make something for yourself! I made myself a pair of legwarmers in acrylic yarn to wear around the house (I wanted something really easy care-wise) and they came out fine. The original pattern used 100% merino wool and since the gauge was the same, it worked out fine.

Thanks for the encouragement. I live in a basement apartment. That means that in the winter, when the people in the upper portion of the house are warm and comfy, I am freezing. I dress in layers and wrap in a blanket and knit something big to keep me warm. Leg warmers are going to help I think. It will be my first attempt at knitting in the round. It should be “interesting”. Up until now all my knitting has been flat (even if done on circular needles). I think I will spend more time asking questions here than I will knitting at first. We shall see…