Question about yarn

Okay, one more question about this darn afghan. I was able to return the original yarn, minus one, and found some nice and soft acrylic yarn at walmart of all places. AND it was only $1.67 each!!! :cheering:

So here’s my dilemma: The origianl yarn was a wool yarn and it was 1.76 oz. (50g) per skein. Approx. 192 yds. The yarn I got is as I said acrylic, 3.5 oz (100g) approx. 164 yds. Now since it’s almost a half size larger, give or take some, do I half the pattern?

In other words the first patch calls for CO 76 sts and k 66 garter ridges. Do I instead CO 38 sts and k 33 garter ridges?

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but since I’m going off of what they originally wrote, I’m a bit nervous about doing it right.

It matters more what gauge your pattern requires. What does your pattern say and what does the yarn label say? What size needle do they recommend and how many stitches per inch?

Oh dear, umm, lets see…Gauge: 22sts + 44 rows = 4" in garter stitch. And a size 6 needle.

The yarn label says (for crochet btw) gauge 11 sts + 11 rows = 4". Size 8 needle.

Also, do you know how to figure out how much yarn you need when you pick something different? The lady did it at the yarn store so fast (I think she was in a hurry :lol: )


I still need some help…sorry I’m being such a pain.

okay, I’ll try and figure it out on my own. :crying: :crying:

:thinking: I think you may be confusing gauge with yardage. For example, was the wool worsted weight ? Even though your new yarn is acrylic, it may also be worsted weight, and your gauge may be the same. Did that make sense?! I would suggest doing a guage swatch using the needle size recommended in your pattern and compare that swatch to how the wool knit up. It may be the same. If not, you will have to adjust your needle size up or down.

One more thought…it sounds like you are getting twice as much yarn per skein in the acrylic then you got with the wool. This means you would need to buy less acrylic then wool to complete your project (if your gauge is the same).

For comparison sake, 100g of your first yarn would be 384 yards while the newer one at 100g has 164 yards. So the first yarn is a lot thinner than the one you plan to use. If you use a size 8 needle, do you get about 11 spi? If so cutting the CO in half should work (as long as you aren’t doing any complicated repeats that require a certain # of sts).