Question about yarn, specifically Noro

Ok, so many months ago I bought some Noro at the LYS and wound it into a cake and put it aside and threw out the label (so dumb!). When I used it, I made a cowl and I got a lot of compliments on it and my friend said she’d buy yarn if I could make her one.

So I could have sworn it was Silk Garden so she ordered it and turns out it’s too thin and not like the yarn I used.

We took the rest of my yarn to an LYS that’s closer and the woman told me it was Koreyon. I was skeptical because the Kureyon is rougher than the yarn I used but I bought it and made the cowl and just unpinned it from blocking but it’s still rougher than the one I made.

I never blocked mine and it’s not rough at all.

Any idea what kind of Noro this could be? It’s roughly the same thickness as the Kureyon but much softer.

Any help would be great!

There’s Silk Garden Lite which is a little thinner than SG. I thought the Kureyon was about the same weight as SG.

maybe you can identify it that way

Better yet, look it up at The whole line will be there with the stitch gauge and you can probably figure it out from that.