Question about WOTA

I am going to be making fiber trend clogs and I am thinking of using WOTA. Does it felt to a “firm fabric” like the pattern calls for in materials? Has anyone felted the heathers? How do they turn out? Do they lose their heathered look and look all one color?

I have used WOTA alot for felting.Its very sturdy when you double strand it.I have my knitting bag felted with it and love it…and the price is great.

I don’t know about the heathers, but I do love WOTA for felting!

Thanks guys getting ready to place more order. Hooray more yarn is coming my way. :woohoo: I am beginning to really like this knitting for Christmas thing. I get to knit and I get to buy lots of yarn. This is soooo cool.

I know this is a little late but I made 5 pairs of Ft clogs using double stranded WOTA. They all turned out great. The heathered looks really nice felted. I did a pair for my mom and sil using the heathers. Wota is great for these and you can’t beat the price!


How many skeins did you order for the clogs?

For the women’s large size (650 yds total) I was thinking I should order 2 skeins for the upper and 4 skeins for the cuff/sole. For the men’s large I was figuring 3 skeins for the upper and 6 skeins for the cuff/sole.

Does that sound right? Other people how did you order?

I’m also considering using fingering weight for some of them because I’ve got that Palette sampler pack that I dont’ know what to do with. That might be slightly ridiculous though, how many strands would I have to hold to get guage with fingering weight? Am I doing the math right to say that it would be 8 strands?? :chair:

Since I am making two pairs of the same color in the large men’s size I just took the yardage recommendation and double it. Then I divided it into thirds with 2/3 going to the lower part. For me it worked out to be 9skeins of the lower color and 5 for the upper. Fortunately I could use the same color for each or I would have been getting 5 for each lower and 3 for the upper meaning more money!