Question about Wicked sleeves

I have my sleeve stitches on scrap yarn (I’m doing the short-sleeve version) and have knit most of the body so far. I realized that if I just put the stitches on needles to knit the sleeve there will be a big gaping hole in the underarm. Did anyone else experience this when knitting their Wicked sweater? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to pick up extra stitches to close the gap or sew it up after finishing the sleeve. If I’m not making any sense I’ll try to figure out how to post a pic.
But I followed the pattern pretty well (I think) so I’m wondering if others had this issue as well.



Mine looks like that too. You won’t have a hole, just pick up a few extra stitches in that armpit area.

It looks that way because as you knit, the weight of the (growing) sweater is pulling down on those stitches.

Thanks. I’m a little worried as it is about the sleeves being baggy (I’m hoping for a snug fit)-- do you think it would look weird if I didn’t pick up the stitches and just sewed it up afterwards? I’m having trouble picturing what it’s going to look like so I’d love some advice.

Thanks again.