Question about which yarn to use

I found a pattern that calls for [U][COLOR=#000000]Hjertegarn Vidal Alpaca[/COLOR][/U], it says that it’s DK, 8ply, 11 wpi…I need something comparable. It doesn’t need to be Alpaca…I need something I’m going to find at either a Michaels or an A C Moore. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance!

Caron Simply soft or Bernat satin are thinner worsteds that may work okay. The satin also comes in a sport weight which may be closer.

Thank you! I usually use Caron Simply Soft for projects, but I saw that the other yarn had a light weight and Caron Simply Soft said medium. I’ll be sure to check out the other one! Thanks so much!

The Vidal Alpaca knits at 22sts/4inches so you want something in the DK or light worsted weight category (a #3 weight) like Bernat Softee Baby or Caron Simply Soft Light or maybe Red Heart Comfort Sport.

I just went and bought Bernat Satin, it says that it’s a medium weight (4)…is that not going to work? I looked for Bernat Satin Sport and couldn’t find anything, also, couldn’t find the color I was looking for in the baby yarn. Now I’m worried. I can post the patterns I’m looking at if I’m allowed…

It’s pretty thin, so it may work out. Try it out and see.