Question about what a pattern calls for

Wasn’t sure where to put this lol so just closed my eyes and clicked… :rollseyes:

If a pattern calls for a 16" circular needle and you don’t have one and your impatient :shifty: can you just replace the circular needle with DPNs or ya have to work it on the circular?? TIA :smiley:

If you wanna wrestle an octopus for the entirety of the pattern, then MORE POWER TO YA! :happydance: Go Dusty! :happydance: Go Dusty! :happydance: Go Dusty! :happydance:

:shifty: thats what I was afraid of think I’ll try the other method with my interchangeables :rollseyes:

Thank you Kelly!!! :cheering:

:thinking: It says it is suppose to be for adults and kids but then says this

Hat~ 16 3/4, 17 3/4, 18 1/2 " in Circumference

So I chase my little boy down and go around his head with the tape measure I get 21" … so I go from the center of his head to the ear and get like 7" … sooo ummm… what am I doing wrong?? :rollseyes:

Is it supposed to stretch?

What pattern are you using, Dust?

LOL here is the pattern:

we went through soooo many patterns cause he wanted a “calm” hat he didn’t like the pompoms or anything like that on top he liked this one… and I just don’t know… :thinking: I just noticed it said for boy so maybe I should go find the ladies pattern that she is wearing in the picture for a bigger size??

That is a CUTE hat! I definitely think it will stretch…Id go for the child’s L.

:cheering: :cheering: Thank you Kelly off to start on it now :thumbsup:

Me, too, for what it’s worth.

Thank you Ingrid!! :cheering:

umm I’m back lol ok it says:

With 2 strands of yarn held tog and circular needle, cast on 76 (80, 84) sts.
Join, being careful not to twist, and work in K1, P1 Rib until piece measures 3 1/2”.
Work in St st until piece measures 6 1/4 (6 1/2, 7)” from beg, decreasing 4 (0, 4) sts on last rnd – 72 (80, 80) sts.

Shape Crown
Rnd 1 *K 7 (8, 8), ssk; repeat from * to end of rnd – 64 (72, 72) sts.

I did the St St it measures 7" now I decrease 4 sts on the last row of st st… but does it matter if its K2tog or ssk??? I see when I start to shape the crown its ssk so should I just do ssk?? Also I have to do them evenly out right? Not just all at one time?? :thinking: TIA!!

I would probably do ssk, just to match the rest of the decreases. And yes, they should be evenly spaced.

:cheering: Thank you Ingrid!!!

:crying: :crying: I’m soooooo disappointed my first hat and its waaaayyyy to big… I checked my gauge before I started but I did start it off on the shortest cable cause I kept losing my cast on stitches I guess I shouldn’t have done that cause now I have to :frog: it all away :wall:

I’m locking myself up with my knitting today have to get it done he was so disappointed this morning that his hat wasn’t done and it didn’t fit!! :doh: