Question about vogue knitting pattern

Hello Im new here so not sure if I’m in the right location, Can someone help me understand a vogue knitting pattern I will spell it out best as I can
The pattern is a cabled cardigan in the spring summer catalog [vogue knitting]
working from a 64 stitch chart pattern. I’ve finished the ribbing with some cables in it. my next step is a note that says Read instructions for beg to knit. {?}
then after that it says to decrease [WS] P2 p2tog 8 times slip my marker then work row 5 of chart, that is where im stuck the chart is 64 stitch pattern but I’m wondering if its asking me to decrease at the beginning of row 5? if anyone could help me understand this I would greatly appreciate it

Welcome to KH!
I have this pattern marked to knit fairly soon. Love it.

Yes, there are 16 decreases across the row after the “Read instructions before beg(inning) to knit.”

The directions start with P2, [p2tog, p4] 8x, work row 5 of the chart, [p4, p2tog] 8x, p2… That takes 164sts (50sts either side of the chart plus the chart) and you’ll end with 148sts.
There are some corrections for the pattern which are worth noting including the before noted above.

Thank you Salmonmac ! that what i can’t figure out the decreases are Wrong side row 5?

Yes, the decreases are on a WS row. For this pattern the odd number rows are WS rows. See the label for row 1 on the chart.

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