Question About Vintage Mary Maxim Sweaters

Hi Everyone!

I have recently purchased a [=tags&includes[]=title"]vintage Mary Maxim sweater pattern](’s+sweater+pattern&ga_search_type=all&ga_page=20&order=date_desc&includes[) and since I’ve not received it yet, I was wondering if you all might be able to answer a question for me.

Do you know what type of yarn (worsted weight, chunky, etc) and/or needle sizes these patterns call for? I thought that maybe I could shop for the yarn before the pattern arrives so that I’ll be all ready to begin. :knitting:

I’m very excited about the pattern because I’ve always wanted to knit these types of sweaters and not just in adult sizes, but childrens as well. I’ve especially wanted to find a deer or moose pattern, so finding this last week was a miracle!

Any help or comments anyone has on these patterns would be greatly appreciated! Since I’ve never knit one of these, I’d love to hear any comments, experiences, etc. that you’d like to share with me! :muah:

I enlarged the pattern so I could see the cover fully, and it says to be used with Mary Maxim Northland Wool. I then googled that and came up with this page which says that it is bulky, 3.5 sts per inch. They recommend a needle size, but you’ll want to swatch to see what you come up with. They also say it gets 80 yards per 4 oz, but unfortunately, without knowing how many skeins the pattern recommends, you won’t know how much to get.

I used to knit alot of these sweaters “back in the day”! MM catalogs had kits when I was doing them. The patterns and graphs are easy to follow and make for nice heavy sweaters. they also used to sell liners to put in them. Don’t know if they still have those or not. Have fun with your sweater!