Question about understanding my pattern

I’m kinda stuck on my pattern…

[i]Split for legs: Knit to 4 stitches before Marker 2. Place the last 10 stitches on holder. Using the method you prefer for short circumferences (DPNs, 12" circ or magic or magic loop), knit across to 4 stitches after Marker 4. Place the next 10 stitches on anohter stitch holder.

You will now have 52 stitches for each leg.[/i]

So I did this. I have 52 stitches on m y 12" cirs and 52 stitches on the circs I was previous using. I have 10 stitches on 2 pairs of stitch holders. When the instructions said “using the method you prefer for short circumfrances, knit across to …” I started knitting on my 12" circs (I Hope that was correct).

So I’m stuck on the next set of instructions. Here’s what it says:

Place marker to note beginning of round, and remove all other markers as you come to them. Cast on two stitches, join the round, then continue to knit until you reach the desired length for your leg option…

The part where I’m confused is where it says “Cast on two stitched…”. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to do this. I’m ready to just start knitting the round… how do I cast on two stitches to work that’s already in progress???

They probably wanted you to cast on those stitches before you joined in the round. Backward loop would work for this. It’s probably to help join the crotch stitches to the legs. I don’t think I’d panic about it if you’ve already started down the leg. It’s only 2 stitches, after all. :shrug: You can increase 2 stitches now if you want both legs to have the same number, or do the second leg the way you did this one.

I haven’t actually started the legs yet. I did the first set of instructions which has me in the position to start knitting the legs.

What do you suggest I do? Can I just ignore the part asking me to cast on 2 stitches and start knitting? :?

To clarify - I haven’t joined the round yet. I’m just ready to. After re-reading your response it sounds like I should do backward loop right now. I’l have to check to see how to do that.

In that case I would use backward loop to cast on the 2 stitches. Might as well. :shrug:

OK, I’m going to look read about how to do backward loop. Thanks!

Oh that’s easy enough! Thanks so much. :happydance: